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Situated in the north of Mallorca, the town of Pollensa is one of the most charming spots on the whole island. Our hotels, Hotel Juma and l’Hostal, Hotel d’Interior, are located in the old town. Once you enter our premises, you will be able to indulge in our passion to satisfy your needs and wishes.

The more classical Hotel Juma and the modern l’ Hostal offer two different atmospheres, but share a unique objective: to make you feel at home.

These are some of the on-demand services we are offering during your stay in our hotels:

  • Bicycle Rental
  • Covered parking
  • Car rental
  • Massage in the room
  • Adventure sports
  • Hiking
  • VIP Car Transfers
  • Ticket reservations
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“Para el Hotel Juma, agradecido por el trato”

Carlos Goñi -Revolver-

“I made fantastic compositions, had a good atmosphere, nice people around, Hotel Juma is a perfect place for me… Muchas gracias por todo” – April 2012

Nhoah Hoena – Artista, compositor y productor

“Muchas gracias por todo. Un abrazo y hasta siempre” Hotel Juma Agosto 2010

Solange Freyre – Actriz y cantante
Alban Gerhardt & Markus Groh – Violin y Piano
Jordi Savall – Viola de Gamba
Orquesta de Cambra de Berlín
Orquesta de Cámara de Praga – August 2011
Jiri Pospichal – Concertmaster – August 2011

“Muchas gracias for warm acceptance!”

Capella da Camara da Praha (August 2010)

“Your quality and good manners make a difference. With all the gratitude of which I am capable.”

David Bague, Luthier (August 2010)

Rooms & services


All rooms are equipped with satellite TV, air conditioning, safe, blow-drier and free wifi internet access. Breakfast is included in the price of the room for both hotels. Our staff will gladly give you any… Read more ›

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New terrace solarium with hottube in the upper terrace at Juma


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Terraza Solarium Jacuzzi